Zak Kolar Photography

Morning in New Suffolk

Morning photo walks at New Suffolk Beach in New Suffolk, NY. Shot on Fujifilm X-T30.

A serene waterscape with a calm body of water, a dock on the right side with birds perched on pilings, a sailboat in the distance, and a treeline against a cloudy sky. The overall color palette is blue and cool

A weathered wooden fence on a sandy beach with a sunrise sky in the background.

A sandy beach at dusk with a wooden fence, dunes, and plants, against a backdrop of a sunrise sky with shades of pink and blue.

A lifeguard tower on an empty beach with signs stating “No Lifeguard on Duty” and “Swimming Prohibited,” along with a sign showing “Beach Capacity 75” at sunrise

A small shelter with a shingled roof and teal walls by the side of a parking lot, featuring a window that frames a view of a colorful beach sunrise sky.

A tranquil seascape with a weathered wooden pier stretching into calm waters under a pastel-colored sunrise sky. Rocks covered in seaweed line the shore in the foreground.

A small United States Post Office building with a wooden ramp entrance, an American flag, and a blue USPS collection mailbox outside.

A tranquil harbor scene with a moored fishing boat, a wooden pier with vertical pylons, and still water reflecting the sky.

A serene waterfront scene with a wooden pier and moored sailboats under a calm, cloudy sky, with a bird perched on a wooden pole in the water.

A fishing boat moored in calm waters with a mast and Yamaha outboard motor, with another sailboat and shoreline in the distance.

A wooden sign with the word “PRIVATE” hangs by a rope on a wooden post at a dock with a tranquil water backdrop.

A man standing on a dock, facing the ocean, wearing American flag shorts and holding a pair of sandals. The sky is overcast.

Blowing Rocks Walk

Beach walk at Blowing Rocks in Juniper Island, FL. Shot on Fuijifilm X-T30.

A close-up of green palm leaves with a glimpse of a blue sky and ocean in the background.

Two women sitting and laughing together on a rocky outcrop, one wearing sunglasses, on a sunny day.

Beach scene with people swimming in the sea, viewed through a natural rocky frame. Clear blue sky above gentle turquoise waves.

A wooden staircase over a sandy dune leading up to a beach access point with vegetation on either side under a partly cloudy sky.

Two women at the beach, one with brown hair wearing a white top looking towards the sea, the other wearing a blue top and black sunglasses, facing away from the camera towards the ocean. Waves and a rocky formation are seen in the background

A ground-level view of a sandy area with tufts of grass and wildflowers against a blue sky with fluffy white clouds.

Easton’s Beach

Stormy morning walk along Easton’s Beach in Newport, RI. Shot on Fujifilm X-T30

A lifeguard tower labeled “MAIN 4 TOWER” on a beach with a sign next to it indicating “DANGER UNGUARDED WATERFRONT” and a board describing beach warning flags indicating various hazards. The ocean and overcast

A wooden slat fence with rusty wire along a coastal area with wild vegetation and a blurry lifeguard tower in the background.

A lifeguard tower with the number 5 and warning signs about an unguarded waterfront and rip currents on a sandy beach with the ocean in the background on an overcast day.

Coin-operated viewing binoculars on a railing overlooking a beach with a lifeguard tower in the distance on an overcast day.

A lifeguard chair with a number “8” stands beyond a grassy sand dune on a cloudy day, with a warning sign indicating no lifeguard on duty.

A white lifeguard tower, numbered 8, stands on a sandy beach under an overcast sky.

Sunrise in Rockport, MA

Sunrise walk around Rockport, MA. Shot on Fujifilm X-T30

A quaint ice cream store with a red door and an American flag, situated by a waterfront with boats and parked cars in the background, under a sunrise sky. The store’s sign reads “CLOSED.

Stacked rock cairns on a rocky shoreline with the ocean in the background during sunrise.

A silver Vespa scooter parked in front of a white picket fence, with a coastal background at sunrise.

Coin-operated binoculars overlooking the ocean at sunrise with rocks and a breakwater in the background.

A red wooden building on a stone pier by the water, with pilings and ladders leading to the sea, at sunrise. A boat is docked nearby.

A collection of colorful, weathered buoys hanging on a wooden rack against a brick wall background.

A two-story shingled building with a green roof, featuring multiple windows and red doors, a chimney, and a “No Parking” sign, set against a morning sky.

A pair of pink children’s shoes on a rocky surface with a blurred background of a stone wall and water.

Beavertail State Park in Jamestown, RI

Sunset walk at Beavertail State Park in Jamestown, RI.

Shot on Fujifilm X-T30.

Close-up of lush greenery with glistening ocean water in the background.

Rusty corrugated metal Quonset hut with open and damaged door, surrounded by wild grass and trees under a clear sky.

A serene ocean view framed by lush green foliage, with sunlight creating a warm, tranquil ambiance.

A coastal landscape featuring a lighthouse with an attached building on a cliff, overlooking a rocky shoreline with the sea in the background. There are people walking on the rocks near the water.

A single pink wild rose in bloom with green leaves in the foreground, overlooking a blurred seascape in the background.