Zak Kolar Photography

Zak Kolar Photography

Blowing Rocks Walk

Beach walk at Blowing Rocks in Juniper Island, FL. Shot on Fuijifilm X-T30.

A close-up of green palm leaves with a glimpse of a blue sky and ocean in the background.

Two women sitting and laughing together on a rocky outcrop, one wearing sunglasses, on a sunny day.

Beach scene with people swimming in the sea, viewed through a natural rocky frame. Clear blue sky above gentle turquoise waves.

A wooden staircase over a sandy dune leading up to a beach access point with vegetation on either side under a partly cloudy sky.

Two women at the beach, one with brown hair wearing a white top looking towards the sea, the other wearing a blue top and black sunglasses, facing away from the camera towards the ocean. Waves and a rocky formation are seen in the background

A ground-level view of a sandy area with tufts of grass and wildflowers against a blue sky with fluffy white clouds.