Zak Kolar Photography

NYC December 2023

Shot on Ricoh GR IIIx

Photo of a weathered yellow vertical surface with cracks, hand drawn symbols, and various stickers along a sidewalk in an urban area Photo of a green box connected to a traffic pole mostly filled with various stickers. A person is partially visible walking on a nearby crosswalk Photo of a pedestrian crosswalk signal button with instructions. In the background a person walks along the sidewalk Photo of a sign attached to a brick building that reads “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”

Cog Train to Mount Washington

Evening trip up Mount Washington on the Cog Railway steam engine train in Franconia, NH. Shot on Fujifil X-T30.

Over the shoulder photo of a person taking a smartphone photo inside a train carriage, capturing the view outside the window.

Two passengers looking out through the windows of a train at a scenic mountain landscape.

A view from inside a train looking up a steep railway track with passengers and the brakeman silhouetted against the sky.

The image shows the exterior of the Sherman Adams Summit Building with its name sign displayed above a closed garage door.

A frost-covered yellow Caterpillar (CAT) excavator next to an ice-encrusted building.

A coin-operated binocular viewer covered with ice, with a backdrop of dense fog.

An ice-covered signpost with the letter “S” carved into it, icicles forming, and frost clinging to the wood in a cold, wintry environment.

Aerial Tram to Cannon Mountain

Trip up the Cannon Mountain Aerial Tram in Franconia, NH. Shot on Fujifilm X-T30.

A red cable car with “Franconia Notch State Park” and “Cannon” written on it above mountains with autumn foliage.

Industrial crane pulley with a thick steel cable, set against a backdrop of orange metal construction with visible rust and wear.

A ski lift tower with a lone person standing on the observation deck, thick cables running diagonally across the frame, and a panoramic view of a mountainous landscape under a blue sky with clouds.

Woman with gray hair looking out of the window of a red cable car, with reflection visible on the glass.

A person wearing a red baseball cap, a red flannel, and glasses looking out the window of a cable car with a scenic mountain landscape in the background.

A wooden sign with carved and painted text that reads “RIM TRAIL 1500 FOOT WALK TO SUMMIT OBSERVATION TOWER” with arrow symbols pointing upwards. The sign is mounted on rustic wooden posts.

Tower viewer coin-operated binoculars on an overlook deck with expansive mountainous landscape in the background under a blue sky with clouds.

A scenic view of a mountainous landscape with colorful foliage seen through a circular frame.

Sunset at Von Bergen’s Sunflower Festival

Evening at Von Bergen’s Sun Flower Festival in Hebron, IL.

A sunflower close-up with numerous sunflowers in the background and a bee in flight on the left side, under a blue sky with light cloud cover.

A field of sunflowers from behind at dusk with the sky painted in soft hues of pink and blue.

Photo looking up at sunflowers against a blue sky with wispy clouds.

A field of blooming sunflowers under a blue sky with light clouds.

Close-up of mature corn stalks against a clear blue sky.

Scattered fluffy white clouds against a bright blue sky during golden hour

Two hands holding clear plastic cups with a red-colored frozen drink and straws against a blue sky background.

Newport, Rhode Island

Day trip to Newport, RI. Shot on Fujifilm X-T30 and Ricoh GR iii x.

A black and white photo over the shoulder of a man taking a smart phone picture of the ocean

A black and white photo of a utility pole with a transformer, multiple cables, and a street light against a cloudy sky.

A black and white photo of a two people walking side by side on a sidewalk. One is wearing a polka dot dress and a white sun hat, carrying a white handbag and a water bottle. The other is in a plaid shirt and dark brimmed hat, also carrying a water bottle.