Zak Kolar Photography

Zak Kolar Photography

Morning Walk in Waltham

Cloudy sunrise walk in Waltham, MA. Shot on Fujifilm X-T30.

A lot of my photos come from weekend day trips. Each week, I pick a spot from my ongoing map of beaches, forests, and mountains. Most are places I’ve never been, so each feels like an adventure. By comparison, waking up before sunrise and driving 5 minutes to an industrial street I pass every day sounds less glamorous. But that’s what I did today, and now my map will include more local places.

A cluttered array of electrical wires and boxes on the corner of a multi family home. The building shows signs of weathering. A sidewalk passes the front of the building.

A white van parked in an alley with a chain-link gate, framed by buildings on either side, and a church spire visible in the background.

An upward shot of an industrial brick building with large windows and a sign that reads “IRA B. GORDON CENTER” framed through a wooden structure

A tall red brick industrial building with large windows against a cloudy sky.

A two-story red brick building with the signage “92 FELTON MARKETPLACE” and the year “1894” displayed near the roof. The building features large wooden double doors, rectangular windows, and decorative brickwork along the edges.