Zak Kolar Photography

Zak Kolar Photography

Sunrise at Lookout Mountain

Sunrise hike at Lookout Mountain in Phoenix, AZ

Shot on iPhone 12 Pro with Moment Telephoto lens.

A golden sunrise over a distant mountain range with a blurry foreground of thin branches and leaves. A cityscape is visible in the mid-ground.

Aerial view of a residential area with houses spread out at the foothills of a mountain range just after sunrise.

Dry wildflowers in focus against a blurry backdrop of rugged mountains and a clear sky at sunrise.

A young tree bathed in golden sunlight with fresh leaves and blossoms, with a soft-focus background showcasing a hilly landscape during sunrise.

A trailhead sign for Lookout Mountain Summit Trail with the number 150, marking the end of the trail. In the background, a blurred view of a mountainous landscape and cityscape is visible under a clear sky.

Aerial view of a suburban area with a long straight road extending towards the horizon, flanked by houses, with mountainous terrain in the distance under a soft-lit sky.